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  • "Alex's squad is a real rarity in Singapore. Bringing together competitive swim training, experienced coaching, and an attention to
    detail that helps you achieve your goals."
Assad Attamimi
Lombok International Triathlon 2007


  • I was just recommending you to a couple of friends and got to reading the testimonials. So thought I would write my own.

I’ve been told by those who know me I have gone from a splasher to a glider in a very short period of time. This was very little to do with my own ability and a lot to do with Alex’s straight forward and incredibly effective approach. I will be embarking on my first triathlon in May and the techniques Alex continues to teach are providing greatly increased confidence and energy efficiency leaving something in the tank for the other two sections of the race. His passion for the sport, straight forward approach to swimming and sense of humour have made my experience with Alex extremely enjoyable and beneficial and continues to leave me with a real hunger to learn more!

Craig Ward (March 2013)
Senior Director, Regional Capital Markets


  • "Initially I took some private lessons from Alex and it has completely transformed my swimming. I am much smoother in the water and look more like a swimmer! I am now in the group classes and they are a great combination of technique, endurance and fitness. Highly recommended!"

         Balmoral Green

  • "Alex is an excellent teacher with great technical knowledge and ability.  This, together with his friendly and approachable manner during lessons, has enabled me to see results and feel the glide!"
Paterson Edge
  • Hi, I am 48 years of age and had learnt swimming at an early age. In February 07, Alex began to personally coach me. Though initially skeptical that I could learn much more, today I find myself a better swimmer in terms of technique, speed, stamina and understanding of the physics of the sport. Alex has the patience to explain the physical principles of resistance, drag, traction and effort/reaction. He understands the psychology of the routine and mundane drills, distance and endurance training, and stamina-building. As such, he makes it a point to change the routine, exercises and challenges. Overall, I find myself a much-improved swimmer after five months. Though I am at the age of 48, and generally unhealthy, I am now able to swim 40 laps continuously. My stamina and physical strength are much improved. I swim almost 5 times a week, enjoy the sport and know it contributes to my cardio-exercise routine.

Alan  Geoi

  • Alex is an infallible coach who certainly practices what he preaches – the long glide, the pull right down to the effective roll. Under his charge, I have been able to better my 1.5km swim time from 50 minutes to my personal best (to date) 33 minutes! And Alex has helped me develop from the sinker that I was to the swimmer who is now occasionally on par with the men! Five stars!
    star star star star star                                       

Shih Wee 


  • "Alex is truly a fantastic coach. He is friendly, professional and most importantly, encouraging. He will bring out the potential for swimming in you. His classes are focused, professionally conducted, tough and always fun! Upon signing up for my first triathlon, I knew I needed help for my swim. Within just a few short months, Alex has helped me swim more efficiently, improved my confidence and my swimming technique; not just in the pool but at open water swims as well! I now definitely enjoy swimming a lot more and open water is really the best place swim in! Definitely a coach I would highly recommend to anyone who just wants to learn swimming or improve your swimming for races!"  - Gerald 


Gerald (May 2010)










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